Innovating water treatment technologies become available to the ELISO partners with the aid of safe and proactive solutions

Steam boilers and cooling towers


Water quality in steam boilers has a direct impact on the life of the equipment, productivity and operational costs. Hard water used in cooling towers can cause serious damage provoked by corrosion or scale deposits and sludge. In addition, the correct treatment of feed water can lead to substantial cost reductions by reducing gas consumption.
For this reason, the systems designed by Eliso fit perfectly to the needs and specifications of each manufacturer, ensuring optimum performance with low fuel consumption and streamlined costs.

Industrial applications


Water is very important in a range of industries and, therefore, its treatment is essential in the making specific processes more efficient. Eliso facilitates the ability to recycle and reuse water resources, thereby reducing pollution and thus operating costs.
We evaluate the exisiting systems and come up with alternative solutions that will significantly reduce operational costs. In addition, we explore together the benefits of using water from wells instead of expensive networks in the city.



Eliso helps small and large communities with solutions to treat any water source (either underground or surface) in order to provide the best drinking water. Eliso water treatment systems can be accomodated in restricted spaces and we also provide containerized solutions with low investment costs.

Food and beverages


Water is the key ingredient of safe and tasty food. Eliso is your reliable partner that offers customized solutions combining minimum operating costs with excellent water quality. The result is optimal production conditions for any factory higher quality products.

Hospitality industry


Ensuring customer satisfaction and brand strengthening through solutions that ensure food safety, improving efficiency throughout the production process are key elements arising from the proper water treatment.

Power plants


Water is the vital element in producing steam and cooling the power plants, therefore the water treatment needs to achieve the highhest quality standards. By focusing on resources management we improve the performance of specific processes at each location.