Eliso is the only full service company specializing exclusively in water treatment, from design and development to maintenance and consultation.

Consulting & maintenance


The collaboration between Eliso and the client results in increased efficiency, improved performances and sustainability and help achieving their business results. Eliso provides technical support and advice through preventive maintenance programs, monthly visits for the installed systems to ensure optimal functionality. In this way, our partners benefit of:

  • A superior water quality
  • Unintrrupted production at the highest standards
  • Reduced and prebudgeted operational costs
  • Technical support 24/7
Personalised design


Eliso equipment, recognized as one of the best in the field of water treatment, enjoy a personalized and customized design based on prior analysis of the project and the needs and requirements of each client. Each project includes the technological process, hydraulic and electrical drawings and economical solutions in energy use for steam boilers, cooling towers and power plants.

Personalised solutions


The most important reason for Eliso being the ideal partner in water treatment solutions is the care and attention granted to each client and project. By complete full analysis of each project, Eliso provides alternative and innovative holistic solutions that perfectly fit its needs and requirements,and supports customers in achieving the ambitious business objectives.

Containerized systems


Containerized systems provide drinking water in municipalities and communities. Designed by specialized teams with extensive experience, containers have minimum construction costs, they are ready to install and meet the requirements of each project. Each container is fully equipped (Pumps – Electrical panel – SCADA – PLC), monitored by GPRS and they have thermal and sound insulation.

Free evaluation and analysis


Being a company with services focused exclusively on solutions for water treatment and the only company offering a complete project analysis, we are able to offer customized solutions and innovative alternatives.
Each project benefits of a free evaluation that involves a water chemical analysis, a complete financial analysis ( operational costs including enery and consumables) and considers thespecific needs of each client. Eliso approach is “no unhappy customer” so we do not make discounts on quality and we assume full responsibility of achieving the project’s objectives.

Deironing and demanganisation


Iron and manganese removal is performed with the aid of the filling material of each filter.

Active carbon filtres


Active carbon filters are recommended in both residential and industrial applications. Active carbon filters remove clorine and organic load and they considerably improve the water quality by eliminating any taste and smell.

Turbidity filters


Turbidity filters also called sand filters are used to eliminate suspended materials from water and reduce the water turbidity.



Softening is the process of removing the hardness from water (calcium and magnesium) by using water softening plants. These stations can be used for residential applications, hotel complexes, bars, laundry, medical, food, pharmaceuticals, electronics and in the production of steam and hot water.

Reverse osmosis


The technology of obtaining pure water by Reverse osmosis has been proven to be one of the most eficient methods. Reverse osmosis is a natural process which follows a semi permeable membrane to filter water reducing pollutants in proportion of 90-99%.