Eliso together with Cristim succeded in implementing one of the most ambitious proects in the field of industrial water treatment. The project started from the desire to increase efficiency and reduce costs by using a state of the art water treatment system that provides superior quality water with low operational costs.

Cristim used water from the city water supply system, with an annual consumption of 312.000 m3. The disadvantages of using water from the city water supply system include: high price, variable and sometimes improper quality, the lack of an alternative solution in case of interruptions.

The main objectives of the Cristim Project were:

  • Cost reduction
  • Increase and uniformize product quality
  • Independence from the public water supply system

Eliso Proposal: Drilled well water and reverse osmosis

  • Operational costs: 0.15euro/m3
  • Cost saving of 85%
  • Water at the desired quality for the factory
  • No interruption in supply

Eliso’s proposal to Cristim was to change the water supply from the city water supply system to its own source.

The implemented solution included a water supply network and a state of the art water treatment system based on reverse osmosis, fully automatic and with remote monitoring.

The partnership between the two companies has led to an increase in the quality of water use in the factory and also to real economic benefits.