Eliso Medical offers to its partners water treatment systems that are reliable and innovative and that fully meet the quality, safety and efficiency needs of the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Eliso ensures that the water used for pharmaceutical purposes is 100% pure. Our equipments meet all national and international quality and safety standards. We design and execute according to the latest European Pharmacopoeia or any other standard that is imposed by our clients.

Most bioprocessing and formulation operations use water-for-injection (WFI), the highest purity water. For cleaning applications, at a minimum, the final rinse water will be WFI. Eliso offers water treatment systems that guarantee purity and safety for injections.

Water is essential in the hemodialysis process. From design to implementation, Eliso offers tailored solutions, according to the needs of your hemodialysis center.

From cleansing and sterilizing medical equipments to complex applications, Eliso offers complete water treatment and purification solutions that guarantee total safety for each process.

Staff hygiene and medical equipment sterilization are at the basis of patient safety. Eliso water treatment systems cover a complete range of medical needs and meet all the national and international quality standards.